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Shamanic Astrology Session
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2-Hour with Healing Journey
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From an early age, I have been a questioner and was drawn to astrology, the other senses and the paranormal. Always intrigued by mystical, intuitive and psychic phenomenon, I  found that we are ALL psychic and gifts are expressed in different ways.  I learned to trust my empathic abilities and discovered how strong they really are.  I was drawn to my primary cards, The Pages of Shustah, because they felt more positive and practical than other types of cards.  As spirit and the higher-self communicate through symbols and sensations, these cards serve to enhance my inner knowing by opening and confirming what I am feeling empathically. 


As my practice has evolved, I have incorporated Shamanic astrology, the use Numerology and Gematria, Osho Zen Tarot, Frequency Tarot, and Angel Cards with the aim of helping others on their path of personal growth. Working with the higher-self and my own higher guidance, I connect with Universal Source Energy as well as our guides to read the energies and frequencies in the individual’s life. I am able to tap into an individual's energy in a manner that allows me to read past, present and possible future events to help them more easily facilitate their  process of self involution, affecting their internal self and external manifestations.

Born and raised in the Washington state, I graduated from the University of Washington and spent a year abroad based in Florence, Italy.  I moved to Texas in 1994 for my career and have settled here raising 2 amazing children. I am constantly evolving... creating/manifesting my ever changing life!


“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start  imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.” 

Barbara Marciniack


Some have a gift others have talent then there are those who have both Sue is such a person in her ability to see and interpret what is occurring in the spiritual realm.  Every person desires to understand why things are happening in their lives, we all know instinctively that there is another Realm where most Humans cannot see but know exists.  This is where Sue's gifting helps in bridging that crevice, the Spirits which all are speaking to us it is just most humans cannot hear them but Sue knows how to listen and they know she hears them.  I was skeptical when Sue did my reading but it became crystal clear very quickly that this was more than just having cards turned over, no with Suzenn it was obvious she was connected and what was revealed was so personal that no one else especially Suzenn could had known what was being shown. If you are truly seeking an individual who has that special gift and ability then there is no person I know other than Sue, what she sees can change your life.

R. Wayne Steiger

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