Reading sessions involve using my clairsentient and clairaudient abilities to look at how past, present, and future events are impacting an individual’s life, specializing in relationships, career, life path and personal development.  We will work on patterns and traumas in relationships including addiction, codependency, abandonment, promoting self love through energetic boundaries, detachment from ego, and taking personal responsibility for self empowerment. 

I will also assist in tuning your personal frequencies to be more in harmony with your life path and life purpose.

Please contact me prior to paying to set up appointment time .  E
mail me at or use the "Contact me" form at the bottom of the page so I can further help you.

Readings & Services

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15 minute Mini Reading or Energy Attunement

15 minutes  /   $30

Directed Q&A Sessions- 15 mins Answer to your specific questions tapping in to my intuitive/empathic abilities with Shustah cards. Frequency Tarot, and/or pendulum.
- - or - -
Frequency Adjustment – 15 mins Focused on an identified issue or energetic block within you utilizing both Reiki and the flow of directed  vibrational energy to shift your frequency, harmonize the energy and energize the soul. Can be done in person, skype/zoom , phone, or remotely. 


30 Minute or 1 Hour - Full Intuitive Guidance Session and Reading

30 minutes  /   $45

1 hour / $90

30 mins  Psychic reading covering the major areas in your life using 12 Houses of the Zodiac with the Shustah cards to gain insight in to, present, and future events with a focus on personal development and growth. Book 2 for a full hour session or contact me prior to paying.


1 Hour Shamanic Astrology Reading

1 hour  /   $150

Using the principles of Shamanic Astrology, get a clearer picture of what you are here to accomplish in this lifetime, your tools, life intent and relationshhip oreintation.  Named Shamanic Astrology because it focuses on the involution of the self and one's purpose in this lifetime.  

2-Hour session includes the reading plus a Healing Journey.

All session available online via Skype or Zoom.


FlexTime Packages

Going through some major shifts and want some ongoing guidance and healing to make the transition easier?
I have monthly subscription packages that can be bought for a single month or multiple months at a time. .

After paying for the package, go to Book Online to view my calendar and schedule the dates/times/and session lengths you wish to receive for the month of your choosing. The calendar will display my availability in your time zone. You can also email me to work out a schedule

1 hr / $90
This package is for one hour total in time but can be broken up into four 15 minute sessions or two 30 minute sessions for the month. 


2 hrs / $180

This package is for two hours total in time but can be broken up into four 30 minute sessions or two one hour long sessions.


3 hrs      $240
This package is for three hours total in time. With this one you can break up the three hours however you would like. If you want some 15 minute sessions and some 30 minute sessions, that is completely up to you.


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Go from stifled, blocked and unfilled  to vital, clear, and empowered to move confidently toward your goal or vision.

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