"Some have a gift others have talent then there are those who have both Sue is such a person in her ability to see and interpret what is occurring in the spiritual realm.  Every person desires to understand why things are happening in their lives, we all know instinctively that there is another Realm where most Humans cannot see but know exists.  This is where Sue's gifting helps in bridging that crevice, the Spirits which all are speaking to us it is just most humans cannot hear them but Sue knows how to listen and they know she hears them.  I was skeptical when Sue did my reading but it became crystal clear very quickly that this was more than just having cards turned over, no with Suzenn it was obvious she was connected and what was revealed was so personal that no one else especially Suzenn could had known what was being shown. If you are truly seeking an individual who has that special gift and ability then there is no person I know other than Sue, what she sees can change your life."


R. Wayne Steiger

"Amazing !!!    First I want to say I only had a few readings from other people prior to Suzenn's so I didn't know what to expect let me say hers was amazing. She answered questions that I had about certain things that were going on and things that could possibly come up. It was a very detailed reading and was surprised how intuitive and sensitive her gift is. and I found her very easy to talk too . I would even say she's a sister from another cosmic mister !!"

 Debbra T.

"Words cannot explain the gifts that Suzenn presented me in my reading. I was baffled at the information she told me during the reading but lo and behold over the following days everything started happening just as she had said. Absolutely mind blowing, if any of you question what lies ahead in your future do not fret just ask her..."


"I recently had the opportunity to sit with Suzenn while she read my cards.  It was so much more than I expected. Suzenn not only read my cards and astonished me by her clarity, but she also tapped into energies to find solutions for the areas in my life that were able to be worked on.  It was uncanny how she tapped into situations in my life through the card energies.  I learned about myself, how to help myself and how to manifest my future desires!  It was impressive!  Susan is a caring, positive woman who truly cares about the quality of her readings."


"I really enjoyed our time together. Thank you so much.  I feel a renewed sense of purpose and I’m headed on the right path. What you do is invaluable. I hope we can work together again, I really resonate with you. So from my spirit to yours I thank you."


"I feel like a weight is lifted from me.  The reading is perfectly understood and wonderfully explained by you. You put into words wonderfully my character desire. There are things I am already working on and will continue. Old baggage came popping up, I haven't thought of for a long time or forgotten about. You were a big help. Now I'll go to the post office. Thanks again and whatever I can help you with, please let me know."


"My session with Susan not only calmed my nerves and centered me in my deeper truth, it also provided me with very helpful insight about how to navigate my life in the direction I've been wanting to go.  Through the reading, Susan helped me identify blocks and deep wounds that were keeping me from creating what I want and gave me tools to work through those things in a compassionate and effective way.  I could feel that Susan was really listening to a higher guidance and was mindful to not add in her own personal input.  Many things were confirmed in the reading that I had felt intuitively, but it was helpful to hear them affirmed aloud by another person.  Since the reading, I have experienced positive momentum in myself, clarity around hard situations, and a deeper feeling of trust in the process of unfolding.  I am deeply grateful for my session with Susan and will definitely be working with her again!"


Go from stifled, blocked and unfilled  to vital, clear, and empowered to move confidently toward your goal or vision.

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